4-Week Online Course For Medical Coding And Billing 2023 (2023)

Choosing a career as a medical biller and coder is a great way to help the health community. Every doctor and every clinic needs someone competent and trustworthy to submit the correct claims to insurance companies for payment.

There are accelerated online courses that allow you to earn a certificate in medical billing and medical coding in as little as four weeks. However, there are also many medical billing and coding courses available that allow you to earn the same certificate in a longer time frame.

How do you know which option will be best? Everything depends on your availability, planned study period, and desired time to graduation and employment.

Another option to consider is whetheryou are interested in taking in-person classes or attending courses online. Below you can find more answers to these and other questions about medical billing and coding courses and schools.

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What is a Medical Biller and Coder?

As a medical biller and coder, you can expect to work in an office, generally in a physician’s office, hospital, rehab center office, or nursing home. While the job description at each office may change a bit, depending on the specifics of where you work, for the most part, it is the same. Here is a list of essential duties you can expect to do as a medical coder:

  • Review patient files for doctor’s notes on condition, procedures, and office visits to accurately assign codes for billing.
  • Work with doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and patients to ensure the accuracy of data.
  • Bill insurance companies for services performed.
  • Study claims information for accuracy, proper signatures, and needed prior authorizations.
  • Audit denied claims for accuracy and reasoning of denial.
  • Resending claims to insurance companies once missing information has been received.
  • Understand and maintain the patient’s privacy during the billing process.

How to Choose the Best Medical Billing and Coding Certification or Degree

The first thing you should decide when choosing the best option to get your medical billing and coding education is the type of certificate or degree you are looking to earn. Many employersask that you have an associate’s degree, but many are happy if you have a certificate in medical billing. However, you can also choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in medical coding and billing.

Previous Education

Have you already earned some college credits? Or perhaps you’ve taken extra courses or attended a vocational college. If you have participated in any post-secondary school, the accelerated medical billing and coding program you choose may allow you to transfer some of your previously received credits.

Online or Classroom Education

Because there are so many medical billing and coding courses, your options are wide open when choosing a school and a learning format. If you are the type of person who manages your time well, is very organized, and has a quiet place to study, you may find that earning your medical billing and coding certification online is the best route for you. However, if you are the type of person who needs more structure and a tight schedule, you may wish to consider choosing a traditional learning style school.


Be sure the credential or program you choose is recognized if you intend to advance your studies. Checking the accreditation of the college, trade school, or other organization where you’ll get your certification is a wise decision. It is unlikely that credits attained at an unaccredited school will transfer to a university or college of either two or four years of length.

Time Frame for a Medical Coding and Billing Certification

The amount of time you must devote to medical coding school shouldalso be taken into account. Choosing an online medical coding and billing school will be your quickest path to your new profession if you need a job as soon as possible. But many individuals who can afford to put the time and money into college consider getting at least their associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree.

4 Week Online Medical Coding and Billing Courses 2023

We understand that you have many choices when trying to find the best medical billing and coding online courses. To help you, we have provided a list of medical coding and billing schools below.


Completion Time Frame:3 to 5 weeks
Cost of Course:$699.95
Course Delivery Type:Online
Certification Type Awarded:Certificate

While this school does not have official accreditation, it is nationally recognized. The course can takes 40-60 hours to complete and work on your own time at your own pace. This medical billing and coding online course allow you to research references and read about past students’ experiences online. You will take all of the exams for this class online.

During this accelerated online medical and billing class, you will learn about the requirements needed for your career. You will learn about the employment outlook as well as how to apply for the right job. Additionally, your studies will include health insurance, workers comp, managed plans, processing claims, and more.

Accelerated Medical Billing and Coding Courses


Completion Time Frame:4 months – with 12 months of access to the course
Cost of Course:$3,699
Course Delivery Type:Online
Certification Type Awarded:Certificate

CareerStep’s Medical Billing and Coding course are designed to be completed in as little as four months of full-time study. Some of the largest names in the healthcare industry use CareerStep’s medical billing and coding training to train their employees. This course prepares you to be eligible to sit for the CPC and COC national certification exams and gain hands-on, real-world experience so you’re ready to begin working immediately once the course is completed.

Ashworth College

Completion Time Frame:4 to 12 months
Cost of Course:$899-$1099
Course Delivery Type:Online
Certification Type Awarded:Certificate
Accreditation:Distance Education Accrediting Commission

Ashworth College offers one of the quickest online medical billing and coding programs. You may finish this course online at your own pace. This course may be completed in up to a year. Yet, the majority of students finish the coursework in around four months. Ashworth has a student site where you may post inquiries and Ashworth isaccredited by the DEAC.

You will need a couple of textbooks for Ashworth’s online medical billing and coding courses if you want to further your profession. ICD-10 publications, Comprehensive Medical Coding, the NHA Certified Billing and Coding Specialist test, tools, and more are just a few of these. During graduation, you’ll get a certificate if you pass every class.

Rasmussen College

Completion Time Frame:9months
Cost of Course:$10,044 Tuition + $2,050 total fees
Course Delivery Type:On-Campus and Online
Certification Type Awarded:Certificate
Accreditation:Higher Learning Commission

You can earn your certificate in medical billing and coding at Rasmussen College. This school offers both online and in-person courses. The average time to receive your degree is just nine months. But, you will have options to learn at your own pace as well. In addition, once you graduate from this course, you can use it to move into the Health Information Technician program where you can earn your associate’s degree. Thisfast-trackschool of medical billing and coding is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

In the medical billing and coding program at Rasmussen, you will learn the most efficient ways to work with patient records as well as patient privacy. Additionally, you will study medical coding, medical terminology, anatomy, and much more.


Completion Time Frame:15 months
Cost of Course:$20,880
Course Delivery Type:On-Campus, Online, and Hybrid of both programs
Certification Type Awarded:Certificate
Accreditation:Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges

At Miller-Motte earning your certificate in medical billing and coding will take roughly fifteen months to complete. You can attend courses in person at the Georgia, North Carolina,Tennessee, and South Carolina campuses. However, you can also choose to do your coursework online. Some students want to do a hybrid of both programs.

In the Miller-Motte medical billing and coding course, you will learn skills essential for today’s job market. You will learn about anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and more. You also have the option to take courses in the sensory, reproductive, and nervous systems. Moreover, you will learn about laws, compliances, and practices for medical billing and coding.

North Idaho College

Completion Time Frame:
2 years
Cost of Course:
$3,470IdahoResident – $6,552 Out of State Resident
Course Delivery Type:
Certification Type Awarded:
Associate of Applied Science
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Northern Idaho College offers a medical billing and coding program that will allow you to earn your associate’s degree in applied science. This is a traditional college and courses must be attended in person. Earning your associate’s degree will take about two years and you are required to take several general education courses.

In the medical billing and coding program at NIC, you will take courses such as human biology, medical billing specialist, office skills, health care legal issues, and more. Once you have graduated from NIC, you may choose to take the national certification exam to become a Certified Coding Associate, which will bring in more money. With an associate’s degree in applied science, your future career and school plans are endless.

Dakota State University

Completion Time Frame:
1 year
Cost of Course:
$5,578.80 South Dakota Resident – $6,967.20 Out of State Resident
Course Delivery Type:
In-personand online
Certification Type Awarded:
Higher Learning Commission

South Dakota is the location of Dakota State University. The medical billing and coding training is open to anybody, regardless of where they reside. The whole course of study is available online. If you’re not a Dakota resident, your tuition will be significantly more. You may attend classes at this institution to be ready for the American Health Information Management Association Certified Coding Test.

In this medical billing and coding program, you’ll study topics including biology and anatomy. You will also learn about things like healthcare practice and health management. This course will also cover topics including physiology, biology, and aspects of managing health information. This course can take approximately full year to finish, but it will help you with a strong foundation for furthering your education and gaining an associate’s degree in health information technology or deciding to pursue a bachelor’s degree in health information administration.

Online Classes for Medical Billing and Coding with Free Laptop

Meditec and Texas A&M Kingsville (free laptop for college included for all students with any Meditec program)

This program prepares you to become a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS). You’ll be ready to take the certification exam upon completion, and Meditec and Texas A&M Kingsville will provide a voucher for registration.

This program costs $3,395 on average, less than other online schools. Meditec and Texas A&M Kingsville also include exam fees, books, and materials, unlike other online schools that offer laptops charge up to $750.

Instead of taking 24-48 months like other colleges, this program can be completed within just 3-6 months. They offer interactive and engaging learning methods available 24/7, and you’ll have access to student and peer support via text, call, or email. They offer interactive and engaging learning methods available 24/7, and you’ll have access to student and peer support via text, call, or email.

The program includes Medical Terminology, Medical Coding, and Medical Billing courses. Medical Terminology covers the language you’ll need for communicating as a healthcare professional, including specific terms, common prefixes, and suffixes.

Medical Coding introduces you to the three major coding systems used in health care and teaches you how to assign diagnoses and procedure codes. Medical Billing explains the complexities of medical billing and the reimbursement process, including forms preparation, processing, and follow-up.

You’ll also learn about the evolution of medical reimbursement, reimbursement methodologies, legal and regulatory issues, and national diagnosis and procedure coding systems. With this program, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed for a successful medical billing and coding career and be well-prepared to take the CBCS exam.


How much money can you make as a medical biller and coder?

In accordance with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, coders/billers make an average salary of $46,660. This may be the average pay for medical coders/billers but the top 10% earned over $74,200, and the bottom 10% earned less than $29,430.

What is the job outlook for this career?

Coders/medical billers can expect an average job growth of approximately 7% from 2021 to 2031. Over the next 10 years, BLS is estimating 12,300 job openings each year in this career field as a result of workers either changing professions or retiring.

Can you do medical coding and billing at home?

For years working from home in this profession wasn’t possible but with the advancement of technology and the shifting desire for employees to work from home, many companies are making this option more accessible. Working from home as a coder/medical biller can be possible as an employee for a hospital, doctor’s office, or even as an independent contractor.

What skills do you need to be successful as a medical coder and biller?

Workers in this field of coding/medical billing must be motivated self-starters with a keen attention to detail and patience. As you’ll be working alongside other staff members in the hospital, doctor’s office, or nursing home, strong communication skills are crucial. Those who are interested in this job should be committed and eager to keep practicing and learning because this is a sometimes challenging field.

Can you choose to work in a specialty in medical coding and billing?

Companies may employ different coders/medical billers for various specialties. The focus coder/medical billing include are in dermatology, surgery, oncology, hematology, neonatology, neurology, pediatrics, and emergency medicine. Ask a potential employer during your interview whether they provide emphasis areas for their medical coders and billers if you’re looking to work in a certain field.

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