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YSense Review | Earn Money Online: Have you ever considered the possibility of making money through online surveys and other tasks? We learned about a website where you may get money by taking surveys. Ysense is their name. Do you also want detailed instructions on how to make money using Ysense, then?

More Ways of Student Pocket Money

This website can generate side income for those who are working or studying; detailed instructions on how to do so are provided in this post. You were looking for internet income opportunities when you came across ySense. Or perhaps you’ve heard of them in the past but have only recently gotten around to doing some investigation. Both ways… I got it. I’ve tried to generate money online in the past, but I wasn’t sure what was legitimate and what was a scam.

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Student’s Make Money Online

One of the well-known names in survey and get-paid-to websites is ySense. But is ySense a scam that you should avoid, or is it legitimate and actually a nice and simple way to make some additional money online?

I have used the platform for a very long time and have properly evaluated it. I still use it every day. Let me just say up front that ySense is legitimate and that it pays its users – I have received payments personally numerous times, and I will provide payment confirmation later.

What is YSense?

So let’s start with the name: ClixSense was the previous name of the platform.

In 2007, ClixSense first launched. It began as a PTC site (pay to click) at first and was primarily recognised as a PTC site for many years. Personally, I wasn’t a huge admirer of ClixSense’s PTC component and instead chose to concentrate on the site’s other prospects. Midway in 2017, ClixSense underwent some significant adjustments. This includes getting rid of the PTC side since ClixSense chose to move forward without it because that area of the industry has a terrible image.

Since there wasn’t a fantastic possibility anyhow, I personally was satisfied with the decision, and I believe it demonstrates how serious ClixSense was about continuing to build the platform.

Then in August 2019, they underwent some more significant modifications, changing their name and moving to a new domain (ysense.com). As a result, the platform is now known as ySense.

Ysense is a Trusted App and Site, with the help of this any person in the world can earn money online by completing Survey, Online Task and other Offers. By the way, many such sites will be found on the Internet, which get you to do online survey but do not give Payout. But Ysense does not do such Fake work, it has been running this site for the last 8-10 years and winning people have also worked on it, all of them have been given Payout.

If you search on the Internet by writing Ysense Review or Ysense Real or Fake, then you will get only Positive Results. Ysense was earlier known by the name of Clixsense.Ysense is a GPT (Get Paid To) Platform that gives different types of Tasks to its users and in return you are given money, which you can transfer to your Paypal Account.

Ysense Pocket Money Online Earning

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Ways to Earn Money From ySense are given below in this article of ySense review:

  • ySense surveys
  • Paid offers
  • ySense Watch (watch videos)
  • Get Paid to Play
  • Activity Bonus
  • Invite Friends to Join

ySense Surveys

Participating in paid surveys is the best way to make money on ySense. Due to its partnerships with numerous different survey providers, it typically offers a large number of daily possibilities for taking paid surveys. Be aware that not all of the surveys that are provided will likely be appropriate for you. I bring this up since I am aware of how aggravating it might be to click on available surveys just to discover that you are ineligible.

The number of surveys you can take part in will vary depending on your location, age, and other factors. You won’t be eligible for all surveys on all survey sites, not only ySense, so keep that in mind. As a result, if you click surveys and they aren’t available, just be patient and keep clicking. It only takes a moment to see if they are; in most cases, there will be a large number of them. In addition, they are typically fairly well paid compared to other survey sites for the amount of time they require. After some time, you will also learn what kinds of surveys you typically qualify for, and you can then disregard the others to save time.

The incentives you receive can differ greatly from survey to survey and from country to country, as you can see in the graphic above. Overall though, ySense surveys pay fairly well when compared to many other survey websites. Also, keep in mind that immediately below the surveys you can see is a section where you can see the survey routers ySense has partnered with. This indicates that you can click here to search for further surveys that are now open. While it may occasionally require some patience to find the surveys you are eligible for in that section, this can be a terrific way to find additional chances.

Additionally, ySense has added the option to participate in a daily poll. You simply need a second to respond to this little question, and you will receive $0.01.

Paid Offers

The paid offerings area of ySense is extensive. You will gain access to a wide range of unique offerings made available by ySense’s partners through this. Many of the offer walls on ySense are the same as they were on ClixSense, although some bad ones have been eliminated and new ones have come into being. On their website, they also state that they will continually roll out new promotions.

Examples of offers include the chance to test out new goods or services, download software, play games, register for websites, watch movies, participate in giveaways, and more. In contrast to similar websites, ySense allows you access to a large number of offer walls, as well as some of the top offer walls currently in existence.

You can review the terms and estimate the prize amount prior to accepting an offer. Offers might be a fantastic method to increase your income. It is good to frequently review the various offers because some of them offer modest benefits while others offer quite significant incentives.

ySense Watch (watch videos)

You can nearly always find relevant topics by just selecting your chosen video topic or channel. After that, you will be directed to that category’s material where you must view a video for a predetermined period of time. When it’s time to move on to the next video, a timer will let you know.

You must view a number of videos in order to receive your reward, and you can always keep track of how many are remaining till you are rewarded. There will often be 7–10 videos.

This often pays between $0.02 and $0.03. Consequently, the earnings are not enormous, but they are still respectable when compared to the earnings on many other websites that accept films. The benefit of this approach is that you can always find a method to make money, even if it’s not much. On the plus side, it’s also interesting.

Get Paid to Play

One of the most recent ways to get money on ySense is by being paid to play games on your smartphone. But it’s only accessible via the ySense app (more about the app later).

However, if you enjoy playing games on your phone, this could be a fantastic side hustle for you. You simply select “playtime rewards” under the “discover” tab after logging into the app.

You can download a variety of games from this page, and you’ll be paid for each minute you play them. ySense clearly displays how much you will earn each minute and how much you may make altogether from each game before you download any app.

Activity Bonus

ySense offers a great extra earning possibility that puts it apart from many other survey sites.

If you have a certain activity every day, you willget an extra bonus called Daily Checklist Bonus. I will go into the details about this below, as it is a big topic and needs its own section.

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It is free to sign up and participate in all the offers ySense has.

Invite Friends

Inviting others to ySense is another way to make money.

ySense will initially give you a 20% percentage of whatever your referrals make. You will receive a 25% commission if you have more than 100 recent active referrals; if you have more than 200, you will receive a 30% commission.

The incentive will be paid to you by ySense as a way of saying “thank you” for referring someone, therefore the commission will have no bearing on how much the person you refer makes.

Total earning from Ysense

Recently, Satish Kushwaha [famous YouTuber] started using Ysense. During that time, he made $407, which, when converted to INR, comes to about 33,700 rupees. You can sign up for Ysense right away if you’d like to make money from him as he do. You may start earning money by completing surveys right away by signing up through the link provided by us without having to pay any additional joining fees.

YSense Review | Earn Money Online (1)

It has another Earning Method from which you can earn a lot of money and that is Ysense Refer & Earn Program, if you refer in Top Tier Countries then you get $0.30 on Per Refer and if you refer people in India then You will get $0.15.

Not only this, if you earn from your first 5 Dollar Referral, then you are also given 2 Dollar Bonus in the same.

How to Make Account in ySense?

It is crucial to set up an account on Ysense in order to make money from it; for that reason, we will now go over how to do so.

Step 1: First of all you go to the Sign Up Page of Ysense using Ysense Join Link.

Step 2: Now in the page that will open, you have to write your Email ID and a new Password and click on Join Now by clicking on I Agree Checkbox.

YSense Review | Earn Money Online (2)

Step 3: Then it will ask your First Name and Last name, then fill whatever you want and click on the Next Step button.

YSense Review | Earn Money Online (3)

Step 4: Now here you have to write Username for your account, whatever you want to create username, write it and click on Complete.

YSense Review | Earn Money Online (4)
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Step 5: After doing this, your account will be created but you will have to verify the email, for which look at the email ID you had written while creating the Ysense account, there must have been a mail like Ysense.

In that there will be Confirmation Link, click on that link and login. After this, you can easily earn money by completing Survey and Task.

How do you get paid?

You will earn money on ySense whenever you take a survey, accept an offer, play a game, or engage in any other activity. You will get paid via your Paypal Account which you easily create. It’s fantastic that they’ve made this option available because this is frequently the chosen settlement method on survey and get-paid-to websites.

Additionally, PayPal has a reasonable payment barrier because you just need to make $10 in order to withdraw money from the service. On ySense, it will still take too long to reach this.

However, ySense has also offered payout strategies with a lower threshold than ClixSense did. As soon as you earn $5, you can already purchase Amazon gift cards. Steam gift cards are one of the newest gift card rewards that the company has added, although unlike the other awards, Steam cards are mostly available in European nations.

Does ySense have App?

Yes, using ySense on a smartphone or tablet is simple. In fact, as was already said, it has its own app, which you can download from Google Play or the App Store. This makes it much simpler to access the surveys quickly, which is beneficial because some of them fill up quickly. Furthermore, you will get access to the playtime reward option, which is not available on the website itself.

All in all, having an app for a survey or get-paid-to site is just really convenient and a terrific way to supplement your income while on the go. For instance, while standing in line, boarding a bus, riding a train, etc.

It’s wonderful to see ySense take the time to create one that functions properly and is easy to use.

If you decide against downloading the app, you may still utilise ySense directly through your mobile browser thanks to the website’s responsive design.

How much money can you make?

The number of chances you choose to use—there are many—will determine how much time you need to invest and how much money you may make on ySense.

Surveys are often worthwhile to do since the compensation is reasonable compared to the time required. However, there are a tonne of alternative possibilities. The jobs can also provide some great extra money, especially if you end up being one of the top earners and receive a portion of the weekly prize money. Some of the offers have pretty big prizes.

You may also pretty simply qualify for the daily checklist bonus and earn up to 16% more by being a little bit active. This is a fantastic benefit.

ySense is one of the survey websites with a high possibility for earning money.

It is crucial to keep in mind, however, that this survey site, like all other survey sites, cannot provide you with a full-time income. If you anticipate this, you’ll probably be let down and unengaged with ySense, which will prevent you from succeeding with it.


I’ve examined a lot of online paid survey and get-paid-to sites, and ySense is unquestionably not one of them. In fact, it offers real opportunity for people to earn some additional money legally.

I have used it to receive payments numerous times, therefore I can attest to its legitimacy.

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But before you decide if it’s right for you, let’s sum up the advantages and disadvantages in this review so you can gain a better understanding:

Many Opportunities Everyday

Variety of nations

Engage Regularly For Good Profit

Good Returns for Time Spent

Pay is made in cash

Available in major countries

Few Countries Don’t Have Ysense

How do I sign up for ySense?

Getting registered is quick and simple. Simply click the following button. This will direct you to the ySense website, where you must complete a brief registration before you can begin making money.

Detailed Video by PaidFromSurveys

It only takes a few minutes to fill out a brief form about yourself the first time you check in. Of course, joining is free.


Ysense is Real Or Fake?

There is a Legit App and Website to earn money by doing Ysense Online Survey, users work on this to win, Payout is given to all of them.

Which is the best app to earn money by taking surveys?

If you are looking for a trusted app to earn money by doing surveys, then download Ysense App, which you will also find on Google Play Store.

How to withdraw money earned from Ysense?

After earning money from Ysense, you came to the Cashout option to Withdraw it in your Bank Account and from there you can order money in Paypal up to $10-$250. Then later you can withdraw from Paypal in your bank whenever you want.

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How to promote Ysense Refer & Earn?

Blogging is the best platform to promote Ysenes, after that you can promote it on Social Media or YouTube as well.


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